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SmartOne is a developer, manufacturer and system integrator of innovative solutions in cutting-edge financial and digital technologies.  We bring transformational change in the governments’ tax collection efficiency and provide payment and business management solutions for all types of entrepreneurs 
SmartOne point
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SmartOne point
SmartOne point

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Hardware products

SmartOne Bank

5" innovative portable smart terminal with the SmartOne ecosystem. Everything you need to get started in one device!
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SmartOne Bank Pro

6" smart terminal with improved features and the SmartOne ecosystem. The optimal solution for constant use in retail and courier services
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SmartOne Bank Pro S

All the capabilities of SmartOne Bank Pro + 2nd screen for customer. Created for countries with special requirements.
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Vandal-proof device for instant payment of passage and resolution of queue issues

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SmartOne Multifunctional payment terminal visuakization

payment terminal

Our  system and software is all-encompassing to address any merchants needs. The flexible interface allows you to customize payments any way you need. 
  Cash in   Cash out TV pay Bill payments Service payments Mobile operators Air time
We hold the prestigious PCI SSF certification. This certificate confirms our reliability and security in payment processing, which guarantees the protection of your financial data when working with us.


SmartOne easy and fast connection

Easy and fast connection

A smart cash register registration takes 3 to 5 days and is done remotely, afterwards any add-on
SmartOne all-in-one POS

All-in-one POS

SmartOne provides an intelligent payment terminal and an entire ecosystem with Merchant Portal, CRM and the ability to control all of the terminal’s functions
SmartOne encryption protocol

Strong encryption protocol

Our system is certified by PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) - the main and one of the most secure of internationally supported data protection standards. Most of the world’s leading banks support this standard
SmartOne activity forecast

Activity Forecast

With the help of the SmartOne Ecosystem, you can track individual employees performance, control inventory movements. With SmartOne software management tools you can plan revenues and costs, stocking and payroll, reduce working capital requirements and switch to next-level efficiency
SmartOne warehouse control

Warehouse control

With the SmartOne Ecosystem, you can optimize your inventory costs as you can always get up-to-date information and forecast the movement in your warehouse
SmartOne variety of payments methods

A variety of payment methods

Using our system, you can accept card payments, cash and online P2P and e-wallet transfers. Our terminal works with the world's leading payment systems, apple pay and google play.

Software Ecosystem

SmartOne Ecosystem

Apps on POS

SmartOne Fiscal Core - module allows to run fiscal operations. SmartOne Retail - organize accounting and manage sales in real time. 
SmartOne Payment Core (PCI SSF 1.2 compliant) - module ensures payment processing through the terminal.
Due to the coordinated work of these applications, the POS can:
  • Work as a cash register
  • Work as a fiscal recorder
  • Accept card payments
  • The POS can be used to pay for services
SmartOne Bank Pro with doc-station

SmartOne TMS (Terminal Management System)

Designed to manage a network of EFTPOS terminals and deliver transactions, as well as perform transactional and technical monitoring of payment terminals in real time.
Core points:
  • Setting up individual parameters for each bank and/or processing center
  • Modern and convenient graphical user interface
  • Remote connection of the payment terminal to the system. The terminal is sent to the merchant with the pre-downloaded software and can be configured within 1 minute
  • Real-time monitoring of terminal network operation
  • The ability to route financial and non-financial transactions to different processing centers and other external systems. Tracking various failures in the transaction processing process
  • Remote software update EFTPOS in the background without interrupting customer service processes
  • Build-in automatic billing system for managing invoices payments from merchants
SmartOne Terminal Management System visualization

SmartOne Click - Perfect solution for restaurants

The SmartOne Click application fully digitizes all processes in the restaurant.
  • Table reservation
  • Online menu
  • Orders without a waiter
  • Online food delivery ordering
  • Loyalty program
  • Online payment
  • Solution for tips

SmartOne Merchant Portal

Cloud service functionalities enable you to manage and scale your business with at most effectiveness. Merchant cabinet enables you to control your cash flow, manage inventory, adjust pricing policy and compare your employee´s performance. SmartOne Merchant cabinet accelerates every process, from personnel management to procurement!
  • Intuitive inventory management system: simple adding of goods and services
  • Total control over of shifts and checks
  • Cash analytics for any/custom period
  • Invoicing
  • Digital POS station
  • Loyalty programs, discounts and bonuses for customers
  • Remote management of all departments
  • Every major type of accounting: material (warehouse), financial, personnel, as well as cash analytics

Custom branding

When ordering a batch of 1500 terminals or more, we can customize the appearance of the devices and the interface to your needs
SmartOne confirm
The unique appearance will give additional attractiveness to your offer
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You can present our solution as your product for your country
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A good offer for large retail chains,
telecom operators, etc.
SmartOne customization sample
SmartOne customization sample
SmartOne Terminal Management System visualization
SmartOne sample of customization

Social values

SmartOne social values
We help governments grow using our technologies in adding transparency
and social responsibility
SmartOne social values
We reduce the scale of counterfeit products and illegal activity
SmartOne social values
We help the government to regulate the market in a transparent manner, make correct forecasts and increase tax collection

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85 Great Portland Street, W1W 7LT, London, United Kingdom

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