Smart One Global Personal data processing and protection policy

This Personal data processing and protection policy (hereinafter referred to as "Policy") regulates the procedure of processing and protection of personal data related to individuals, including sole proprietors (here in after referred to as "personal data subjects") and acquired as a result of their using (visiting) of the website as well as of other interactions with "SMART ONE GLOBAL.”  

1. Definitions

Personal data means information or any piece of information about an individual that is identified or may be specifically identified by means of such information. For the purposes of this Policy, Personal data includes:name, surname, patronymic, phone number, e-mail address, IP address, personal identification code (number), including social security or health insurance number, personal bank account and/or bank card details, personal account name and account holder(s) name(s), name of employee and current position, fingerprint data, and other data considered personal in accordance with the legislation of the country where the sale of product or other interaction with the Seller occurs (here in after referred to as "Legislation").

Personal data processing
means any action or set of activities, including collection, registration, accumulation, storage, adaptation, modification,recovery, use and dissemination, depersonalization, and destruction of personal data, whether with or without the use of automated information systems.

Seller means "SMART ONE GLOBAL,” to which the right to receive and process the relevant personal data is granted, either by the personal data subject or by virtue of law and who is the owner (data controller) of such personal data.

Consent of the personal data subject means freely given consent of the individual to the processing and storage of their personal data for the purpose for which data is being collected.

Application form means an electronic registration fillable document placed on the Website and available to the personal data subject either for the purpose of purchasing products from the Seller, or for that ofre viewing the products by Seller´s potential partners, or for that of any other interaction with the Seller; by filling out this form, the personal data subject gives its consent for processing (collection, registration,accumulation, storage, adaptation, modification, recovery, utilization,dissemination, depersonalization, destruction) of its Personal Data by the Seller, under the conditions of this Policy and the Legislation.

Cookie means a small text file saved to the personal data subject's device that contains information about its browser and online activity. Website means the website, including all itssubdomains and other sites under the organizational control of the Seller.

2. Subject of regulation

2.1. This Policy regulates the processing (collection, registration, accumulation, storage, adaptation, modification, recovery, utilization, dissemination, depersonalization, destruction) of personal data received by the Seller in the process of utilization (visiting) of the Website by the personal data subject, whether for purchasing of Seller´s products, or for that of reviewing of the products by Seller´s potential partners, or in the process of utilization (visiting) of Seller´s mobile applications, Seller´s social media pages where this Provision is cited, or as a result of the interaction between the personal data subject and the Seller,or in the process of any other activity, including advertising and marketing.

2.2. The consent of the personal data subject to the processing of personal data is given for identification of the personal data subject visiting or utilizing the Website as well as for the completion of order(s) for Seller´s products placed by the personal data subject, or for the performance of other actions, including reviewing of the products by Seller´s potential partners, signing and execution of contracts between the personal data subject and the Seller,customer support, provision of information that may interest the personal data subject, running of surveys and market studies, managing and servicing of accounts owned by the personal data subject, and for other legal purposes.

2.3. The Seller´s business does not target children under the age of 16, and the Seller shall not request or collect personal data related to such individuals. The seller shall not accept consent to the processing of personal data given by parents or carers.

2.4. To exercise its rights, the personal data subject may appoint a person (agent) and authorize it to acton its behalf through a power of attorney.

3. Reception, processing, and utilization of personal data

3.1. The Seller shall only utilize the personal data collected through the Website or provided by the personal data subject by any other means provided by this Policy.

3.2. To use the Website or to other wise interact with the Seller, the personal data subject shall express its agreement with the provisions of this Policy by marking the relevant clause on the website where this Policy is posted.

3.3. By filling in theapplication form and sending the information therein, the personal data subject willingly provides its data to the Seller and gives consent to its processing under the conditions of this Policy and the current legislation.

3.4. To fulfill the purposes specified in Clause 2.2 therein, the Seller has a right to perform the following actions in relation to the personal data: collection, recording,classification, accumulation, storage, clarification (modification, change).utilization, depersonalization, blocking, deleting or destruction, transfer to the third parties, whether upon the consent of the personal data subjector on other legal grounds if such actions are required by this Policy and do not violate any norms of the current legislation, provided all the measures ensuring the prevention of unauthorized use have been taken.

3.5. To ensure the execution of this Policy, the Seller also has a right to send letters, messages, and information materials to the e-mail of the personal data subject as well as call the number specified in the Application form or send text messages to it or to registered messengers.

3.6. By consenting to the processing of personal data under this Policy, the personal data subject there by confirms that it has been informed of the personal data owner, the composition and content of the personal data collected, and the legal rights of personal data subjects. By calling the Seller, the personal data subject consents to the possible recording of the conversation with the personal data subject by the Seller.

3.7. The personal data subject may withdraw its consent to the personal data processing at any moment without affecting the legal right to process the data exercised prior to the revocation of the consent. The withdrawal of the consent does not affect the effectiveness of any personal data processing performed on other legal grounds.

3.8. Except for consent for processing, legal grounds for the processing of personal data by the Seller include: execution of contracts signed with the personal data subject,communication with the personal data subject and responses to its requests, management of the Website, market promotion of Seller´s products, marketing researches and development of other products, business protection, and security system management on the part of the Seller, including error identification and correction, legislation and court decision enforcement, or execution of internal procedures such as auditing, categorization, and data analysis, orother grounds permitted by law.

3.9. The Seller has a right to upload Cookies to a computer or other electronic device used by the subject of personal data to access the Website (provided that there are no limitations to such uploading set by the personal data subject in its browser) as well as toreceive, save, process, and use the information contained in the Cookies.

3.10. The Website may also use tracking technologies functionally similar to Cookies. In this Policy, the meaning of the term "Cookies" includes such tracking technologies.

3.11. To the extent the information collected with the use of Cookie files comprises personal data(whether on its own or combined with other information), this Policy applies to the processing of such personal data.

3.12. The personal data subject may disable any non-essential Cookies by pressing the "Cookies settings" button, reconfigure the browser settings to reject certain Cookies, or switch on the do-not-track (DNT) feature of the browser. This will disable certain parts of the Website. For more details, please go to and

3.13. Essential Cookies are required for the regular operation of the Website and cannot be disabled. They are installed in response to specific actions of the personal data subject,such as requests for privacy settings, loggings or Application form fillings.The personal data subject may set its browser to block such Cookies or install them only upon notification, but this will disable certain parts of the Website. Suck Cookies do not store any personal data.

3.14. Along with essential Cookies, the Seller also uses third-party Cookies for advertisement or marketing purposes, to enhance the functionalities of the Website, and to monitor the Website traffic level and sources.

3.15. List of Cookies used by the Seller
Cookie vendor
Name of Cookie
Retention period
3.16. When the personal data subject uses the Website,the appliance where the Website is hosted automatically saves, processes,and utilizes the non-personal data of the personal data subject, such as statistical data on its activity, unless required otherwise by the current legislation.

3.17. The Seller has a right to process the personal data as long as required to successfully fulfill the purposes set out in Clause 2.2 therein unless required otherwise by the current legislation.

4. Right of Access

4.1. The Seller undertakes to ensure the protection of the personal data from any unauthorized access by third parties and not to disseminate personal data or transfer it to any third person, except for cases provided for in this Policy or the legislation.

4.2. The Personal data subject may demand the Seller to modify or delete its data by sending a request to the Seller´s e-mail address listed on the Website. If the Personal data subject needs to use the Website again in the future, it shall provide the necessary personal data to the Seller again.

4.3. By transferring any third-parties personal data to the Seller, the personal data subject thereby declares that it is authorized to do so and, if required, that it has been given the necessary consent to such transfer and confirms that such personal data may be used under the conditions of this Policy.

4.4. The Seller may disclose personal data to third-party service providers that process information on behalf of the Seller, act as professional advisers, or take part in corporate deals. The Seller may also transfer personal data to law enforcement, other government agencies, or private individuals if required by the current legislation,necessary to execute a contract, defend the Seller´s rightful interest, or abide by the current legislation.

4.5. If the Seller´s business is wholly or partially acquired, sold, or otherwise transferred or being prepared for transfer, any personal data previously provided to the Seller for use may be subject to assessment and included in the assets to be transferred by the Seller.

4.6. For any other receiver categories or cases not mentioned in Clauses 4.4. and 4.5. therein, the Seller may transfer personal data upon consent from the Personal data subject.

4.7. The Seller cannot be held liable for dissemination of personal data or other damages caused by negligence on the part of the personal data subject in relation to personal data security or protection.

5 Rights of Personal data subjects

5.1. Personal data subject is entitled to:

1) know the location of personal data, its purpose, and name, and location of the owner of personal data, and instruct authorized agents to collect this information unless otherwise provided by law;
2) receive information on the conditions of access to personal data, including the information of any third party to whom its personal data is being transferred;
3) have access to its personal data, receive copies of it, modify and expand it;
4) unless otherwise provided bylaw, receive within 30 calendar days from the moment of request thereof the information on whether its data is stored by the owner of personal data andalso the content of its personal data kept by the owner of personal data;
5) submit a reasoned request to the personal data owner objecting to the processing of its personal data or restricting its processing to specific purposes;
6) have its personal data protected from illegal processing or accidental loss;
7) resort to legal remedies in cases of breach of personal data protection laws including through claims submitted to competent authorities;
8) demand to delete its personal data at any moment unless otherwise provided by law;
9) exercise other legal rights.

6. Upon any modification to this Policy, the new version of the Policy is posted on the Website, and the effective date given above is updated accordingly. Personal data subject should check the Website periodically to review any changes.

7. Personal data subject hereby confirms that it has read this Policy and consents freely, willingly, andacting in its own interests to the processing of its personal data provided to the Seller by the Seller.