Fuel Control

Solution for managing the production, storage, utilization and sale of fuel: any liquid and bulk products
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SmartOne Fuel Control equipment

About system

The solution includes all developments of Track&Trace and Cargo Control.

Volumetric sensors located in all tanks give a clear picture of the transportation: storage and sale of fuel.

All changes with the help of DMS immediately fall into a single center.

This system makes it possible to completely legalize the market for oil products and liquid goods.


SmartOne Advantage. Control of weight and nomenclature

Control of weight and nomenclature of the consignment for inspection bodies

SmartOne Advantage. Control of movement

Control of movement of cargo online

SmartOne advantage. Analysys

Load analysis of logistics companies for tax and financial institutions

SmartOne advantage. Elimination of financial losses

Elimination of financial losses related to fuel leaks, supplies, errors in manual measurements

SmartOne advantage. Total control

Total control for all state and private companies involved in the import, production and sales of fuel products

SmartOne social values

Increase tax collection

SmartOne solutions

SmartOne Cargo Control

The Cargo Control system is designed to help manage bills of landing and monitor every stage of the cargo transportation process. In addition, the user-friendly system allows for the rapid formation of transportation documents without additional setup or software.
Advantages of SmartOne Cargo Control
  • Control of weight and nomenclature of cargo
  • Online control of cargo movement
  • Elimination of counterfeit products
  • Load analysis of logistics companies for tax and financial institutions
  • Total control of companies involved in the import, manufacture, and sale of fuel products
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SmartOne Track&Trace visualization

SmartOne Track&Trace

The sale of goods to the end user is only possible with the system's verification of excise goods.
Tracking the movement of the product is carried out by scanning the Data Matrix codes with a scanner.
Advantages of SmartOne Track&Trace
  • Control over the excise of goods from production to sale
  • Expired medicines sales elimination
  • Increased tax collection from specific sectors of the economy
  • Counterfeit level reduction
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SmartOne Track&TRace visalization

SmartOne FDO (Fiscal Data Operator)

The SmartOne FDO is a comprehensive solution to create a fair and competitive market and eliminate tax fraud. The primary function of this fiscal data operator is collecting and storing information about all budgetary transactions.
Advantages of SmartOne FDO
  • Increased tax collection
  • Easy and precise auditing.
  • Online registration. No tax office visit is required.
  • Data collection on merchants and types of businesses.
  • Big data analysis based on best practices for planning macro-financial budget indicators
  • Smart government notification on operations based on programmed triggers.
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SmartOne Fiscal Data Operator visualization

SmartOne DMS (Document Management System)

SmartOne DMS is our primary system for paperless document management. Work with documents 24/7, from anywhere in the world, using a smartphone, tablet, or computer.
Advantages of SmartOne DMS
  • Gives legal significance to documents through electronic signatures.
  • The authenticity of documents is ensured by blockchain technology.
  • Combines internal and external document flow of the company into a single service.
  • Business processes are streamlined, and costs for archiving and paper are reduced with electronic document management.
  • Documents are stored on reliable servers, allowing for access to them 99.98% of the time.
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